About me

Warren Lee

Hi, this is me taking a photo of Mount Fuji during my vacation in Tokyo, 2018.

I have been a web developer since 2004, always learning new ways to code and catching up to the latest programming trends.

I currently live in Hong Kong and have been here for over 4 years now. I currently work full time at 101 Media Lab which house hypebeast.com, hbx.com, hypetrak.com, and popbee.com.

It was here where I started to learn how to subversion control code using GIT. I now use GIT in all of my projects as well as for deployment.

I also learned WordPress here which as you can tell plays a big part in my career. WordPress is easy to use, easy to customize and can literally integrate with any framework, services available.

Other than PHP in my work, I also use jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and MySQL.

I use tools such as LESS or SASS to write CSS, composer to handle PHP dependencies, bower to manage assets, grunt or gulp to handle javascript minification, but gulp is much more powerful since it can handle assets as well.

In my work, I would usually include a front-end responsive framework such as bootstrap or foundation since they have what I need to develop a theme.

Nowadays I now use Sage which is a starter theme that already includes bootstrap, gulp, and bower, which is just awesome!

More sophisticated websites such as hypebeast.com were once just a WordPress theme. Today the site runs on Symfony which brings a collection of PHP bundles together to create a web application. Popular bundles include Twig a template engine for PHP and doctrine which focuses on database storage and object mapping using ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and DBAL (DataBase Abstract Layer).

Other than programming I know some basics of setting up a web server in the Cloud. I typically use Nginx over apache as it is easier for me to understand and configure and I have successfully deployed a site using Capistrano.

After using WordPress for some years and learning all these package tools I have found a boilerplate which these things all together called Bedrock. It changes the WordPress project structure by putting it in its own directory whilst having your development directory in another. It’s using composer to manage the WordPress core and any plugins that are available. It also uses Dotenv such that we can have different configurations for different environments.

In 2018, Roots released Sage 9 and I was eager to upgrade my theme. The theme uses Bootstrap 4 where it uses flexbox to create its grids. The theme also uses Webpack, an asset management which is great for handling minification and for dependency management it now uses Yarn an alternative of NPM. The other great thing about Sage 9 is that the templates now use a templating engine called Blade by Laravel.

Recently I have been using Vue.js to handle applications like infinite loading which handles much better than using jQuery.