warrenlee.tech 2024

Since nuxt 3 became stable on November 2023, I have been using this framework in various projects in order to strengthen my knowledge and skills. Also becoming more comfortable and more familiar in using TypeScript.

My Story

Before I have been using various CMS to drive my content starting from WordPress, to Ghost CMS and now using Decap CMS (previously known as Netlify CMS). I am very familiar with WordPress but also quite tricky to setup as you need to install php and various extensions. WordPress was very resource heavy and discovered something called headless CMS which when I discovered nuxt 2. During this time I migrated and switch to Ghost CMS.

Ghost CMS is easier to setup compared to WordPress as you can install everything in one go using npm.

Present Day

I have been using Netlify to run websites for quite a long time but only for static sites at the time. In 2021 things have changed at Netlify as they announced SSR support! Which is a big game changer.

  • I can save money on hosting.
  • I don't need to setup my own server.
  • I don't have to worry about server issues.

Not that managing a server is a bad thing as I do like to play around with a server.

Using Decap CMS is probably all I need. Every entry I make is saved on a file, there's no database to setup and importantly it's open source.

What's next?

I will continue to grow with nuxt/vue. Exciting to see what the future brings.