This is a jewellery ecommerce website based in UK. It was built using Wordpress + Woocommerce for the backend and NuxtJS as the frontend.

The backend was used as a headless CMS and using Woocommerce Store API to drive the data into the frontend (very experimental). I used Windi Css as the CSS framework, which I do prefer using over Tailwind.

Most of the available API they had was usable for the site but I had to custom make the thank you page API where you can look back at this page for order summary, order status providing you have the correct query key. (Just like the thank you page that you would find in Woocommerce normally).

You can make payments using Stripe (using Stripe elements to obtain the source token and then to pass this token into Woocommerce) and also Paypal. For Paypal, the site makes a request to Woocommerce with the order details and payment as paypal and awaits the response which in turn returns a redirection URL to the Paypal payment page. On payment complete the page will go to our thank you page and Paypal will use IPN to notify Woocommerce if the payment was successful or not).

The project was definitely fun to work on but also quite challenging as the available APIs were limited and had to either make my own endpoints or chain existing APIs to get the data I needed, for example finding a product by slug when visiting the product page.

Note: the API I think was not meant to be used in this way as it was built for its Glutenberg Woocommerce blocks, but I do think there is much potential for the API to expand and give opportunities for developers to use it for other frontend applications.